Royal Mail Marketreach Unveils Industry-First Life Cycle Study Discovering The ‘Circular Advantage Of Mail’

Marketreach, the marketing authority on commercial mail, unveils a new industry-first study into the environmental impact of commercial mail. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA*) is an in-depth look at every element and is supported by a striking new creative campaign focussing on the ‘Circular Advantage of Mail’ and how it can contribute to a circular, regenerative economy.

The new research, which was carried out by environmental experts WSP, and commissioned by Marketreach, has produced a full carbon Life Cycle Assessment of mail. This is the first time Marketreach has looked in-depth at every element, from forest source to end-of-life, via the processing, design, production and delivery stages. It has found that, by taking every opportunity to regenerate, reinvent, reduce, reuse and recycle, mail can contribute to a circular economy, and be part of an effective marketing mix.

*New industry-first study by WSP and Marketreach assesses full carbon lifecycle of mail and its contribution to a circular economy
*Interactive online tool from Marketreach empowers commercial mail users to determine the carbon impact of different formats across the supply chain
*Bold and disruptive creative campaign, including direct mail and out-of-home (OOH) launches today and throughout the planning and delivery teams have been considerate of the environment.

Sustainable And Bold Creative Campaign
To support its in-depth research and journey to environmental sustainability, a creative campaign for Marketreach by MSQ/Sustain launches today with bright and bold creative across direct mail, OOH, social, email, search, display, YouTube and trade media.
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